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Online Store Project

We Create your online store, then Integrated it with Our products API & step-by-step coaching program.

Entrepreneur Training

We provide International Programs conducted by professionals who have the practical experience.

Business Hosting

Our Managed hosting service for Business sites to give them the ultimate in control, power and security.

Importing & Exporting

Need to Receiving / sending goods we can do this job with suppliers and customs.


With FREE Theft Protection and lots more

How It Work

With these quick and simple steps, Explore all headaches we do to help you scale your business.
Don’t Treat This Project Like Just Another Project!

Suppliers Ship Products

Good Suppliers

We dealing with more than 3000 suppliers from over 100 countries worldwide.

Export Internationally

We import thousands of items, wholesale them across the US, CHINA, UK, TURKEY, Singapore, New Zealand and export internationally.

Multilingual sales team

Our multilingual sales team is available to make working with us easy.


We focus on the purchase and surface inspection and send parcels to our warehouse through shipping companies.

We Create your product listing

Save your time

Let’s try to save your time, We will process and upload all our product data through NASEY SYSTEM API on your online store accurately and updating stock.

Product categorization

Our Product Listing Services Professionals are highly skilled at categorizing products in a manner that a shopper finds them easily.

Optimize product feed

We make your product meta titles, meta tags and product descriptions keyword rich to be able to use it with Google Shopping, Facebook Product Catalog.

Product reviews

We Add Positive and prominently displayed real product reviews can increase sales and help you augment profits.

Customers order products from your store

Customer checkout

Credit Card details are entered on a secure page and transferred using an SSL we don’t save your customers data on our servers.

Order details

All orders can be found in Orders page. you can check order details, sort and search orders by status, products, order amount, customer email, phone, full name, address.

Order updating

All orders when placed will be in processing after 24-48 hours, we will update it as a completed order after confirm the payment.

Handle refunds

We have a good protection system with full money back guarantee, If your customer is not satisfied with a product and asking for refund within 30 days.

We Picks, Packs & Ships products you sell

Advanced fulfillment

Give your business most benefit from our expertise. With Fulfillment service, using our inventory stored system in our warehouse to manage our inventory between our online store projects.

Cost of shipping

Most of our products are eligible for FREE Shipping, FREE Return, and we are dealing with most shipping companies to give you benefits from our partners: UPS, DHL, FEDEX

Picks & Packs

Our products are always ready so they can be securely transported all the way into your customer’s hands in a good boxes with high-speed picking and sorting system without our Company Name.

Tracking information

Your Customer receive tracking information from your online store through email & sms to be able to tracking orders till it’s delivered to his door.

We provides customer support on products you sell

Manage inquiries

We aims to provide an excellent buying experience for all your customers through managing all customer inquiries and resolving it.

Call Center

We provided international phone numbers in your store to make your customers able to call us if they need any help and listen a welcome voice message with your online store name.

 24/7 Email support

We have a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents  are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help your customers.

Online chat

Your Customer will be able to chat online with our Customer Services representative without leave your online store to get help on working hours from monday to friday.

Withdraw  your earnings

Withdraw sales money

NASEY LLC settles your store balance every 30 days to your Visa issued by our banks.

Withdrawal options

We also send payments through Paypal, Checks, Wire transfer, ACH funds transfer without any fees.

 Pay store fees Easily

NASEY makes it easy to pay all of the fees that you are charged for your store from your earnings.

Our visa use

We issued a visa debit card to our customers to get cash from any ATM, purchasing in stores & super markets.

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